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26th-Jan-2014 01:36 pm - Big Bang Challenge!
Animorphs: Quote -- I am way cute
big bang

The first-ever Animorphs Big Bang Challenge

What is a Big Bang? It's a fanworks challenge where fandom communities encourage their writers to write long-form fan fiction, which is then given to an artist who will provide art based on the fic.

Author Sign-Ups: Until March 1
Artist Sign-Ups: Until April 1
Author Check In/Official Summaries Due/Last Chance To Back Out: May 1
Artist Claims: May 1-May 7
Matching Reveal: May 10ish
Rough Drafts Due (to Artists): June 1
Author/Artist Check In (Posting Signups): June 15
Posting Begins: July 1

FAQ CliffNotes: 10,000 words miniumum; no content restrictions; everybody be cool; you need to have a livejournal account to participate and it's easy to sign up but e-mail me at wordplaysam[at]gmail if you have some big moral issue with briefly joining livejournal and we'll see what we can do; bad Animorphs jokes.


Author Sign-Ups / Artist Sign-Ups / Editor Sign-Ups
6th-Feb-2013 08:31 pm - Fic: All the World Had (Jake)
Ax - animorphs
Title: All the World Had
Fandom: Animorphs
Characters: Jake
Word Count: 592
Prompt: he doesn't know what to do when he's not fighting a war
Rating: PG
Summary: Life as an Animorph is tough.
Notes: Written on 4/2/12.

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20th-Oct-2012 04:58 pm - Ax & Tobias one sentence fic
Hey, guys. I've written a fic for 1sentence's Alpha Set, here.
While I'm at it, would anyone be willing to beta my fics for content? Most people I've seen on FFN are either inactive or only beta for grammar, which I don't need. Thanks in advance!

Enjoy! Concrit is welcome, as always.
12th-Oct-2012 04:14 pm - The Time-Travellers' Union
ravenclaw eagle
Not Animorphs-centric, but people were discussing Harry Potter crossovers on the main community today and this just got de-anonymized (?) so as good a time as any to post it, I guess. Elfangor (and a whole slew of other characters from other fandoms) meets Harry Potter.

On FFN, Ao3 (note, the latter link includes a big character list, so scroll past it if you want to be surprised. You are not expected to recognize most of the crowd, just relax and enjoy!)
26th-Sep-2012 11:43 am - Tradition
ravenclaw eagle
Andalites are great believers in tradition. And in telling you all about it.

Poem: on FFN, on Ao3.
26th-Aug-2012 09:57 pm - Pimp: The Cheering Up Meme!
marvel: miles morales closeup - blue
Need a pick me up? Want to make someone's day?

The Cheering Up Meme!

All fandoms. All pairings. Fic & Art friendly.
12th-Jul-2012 01:04 am - Yellow - David/Marco/Rachel
Kiss ~ Desperate
Author's Note I Recommend Reading or None of This Will Make Sense: Um, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS. rattyjol, with_rainfall and I somehow ended up on the topic of whether or not David/Marco/Rachel could work as a OT3  here on comment_fic. This happened. As the prompt had to be filled in a 'three sentence long fic' format beware of abused, over-stiffed run-on sentences, and every grammatical trick I could whip out of my sleeves because these are a LONG assortment of nine sentences people. Haven't actually written anything in forever (let alone David!) and is this too weird, or is this a way that this OT3 might actually work/happen? As this is a fledgling pairing for me, any and all comments and ideas are especially appreciated!

Please pretend that David possibly wasn't just a three four book character, and that Rachel/Tobias is more of an emotional possibility than a confirmed canon at this point. (What actually happened entirely up to everyone's own dirty mind, but I would love to know what your think. ;)

-/- Rachel -/-

Her hand grips steadily tighter around the pencil she's supposed to be using to bubble in the answers on the scan-tron test, and she feels the wood creak just barely perceptively between her fingers; it's close to breaking, but not quite there, which is remarkably close to how she feels at the moment - squeezed, bending away from how (who) she's supposed to be, unable to fulfill or focus on her proper function in school, the war, or her own life.

They're both in the same class with her now; one two rows ahead of her to the left and the other directly behind her and to the right, and she can practically feel the latter one breathing even though he's not technically close enough for the warmed air coming from his wicked, sarcastic mouth to actually be touching her, and there's no literal way the air from his lungs is carving a glistening ruby red A in the back of her head where everyone can see and know-

Cross-posted multiple places.
Castle: Writer
Hi, friends! One of the fun things about Animorphs is that it gives us some fun WTF Alternate Realities to play with! We have some really interesting "What If" situations--mostly involving the Animorphs making bad decisions, but also one where we see who they might have been if the world around them was just plain frakked up. Which creates some cool possibilities for us as fic writers.

So let's play, shall we?

To refresh:
Spoilers for #7, #41, MM#3, and MM#4Collapse )

Post below with an alternate reality, a character (or characters), and a prompt. Prompts can be as vague or specific as you like. Since most of these realities came to some sort of an end, we can go AU on the AUs (i.e., "what if Cassie weren't a time anomaly and they were stuck there?"), if you're interested in "...what would have happened next?" moments. Go wild! Have fun! Post as many prompts as you can think of!

And then...go fill some prompts!! Hooray!

This can stay open indefinitely, but I'll post a masterlist of the filled prompts this time next week.
6th-Jan-2012 11:25 am - Not Best Friends
breakfast club: sunglasses
Title: Not Best Friends
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Marco and Ax. Some mentions of Marco/Rachel and Ax/Estrid. Plus guest appearances by all the Animorphs, Eva and Ax's true love Governor Whatshersname.
Summary: Random moments in Marco and Ax's friendship (or whatever it is) during and after the war.
Notes: Written for and cross-posted to 1sentence. Some sentences are set post-series so look out for spoilers! Also, there is unresolved romantic tension between boys. Gasp!

( These so-called "intelligence" missions to Earth always end the same way, with cinnamon buns and bad TV; better than Cassie's too-tight hugs or Jake's excuses or a bird who no longer joins them. )
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